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40 businesses - even more services

In Pellinge there are close to 40 different businesses at your disposal. Boat builders, mechanics, farmers, fishermen, merchants, guides, builders, chauffeurs, craftsmen, woodcutters, cooks, shipbuilders, gardeners and artists work in Pellinge, and many of them full-time all year round.


Bokbussen besöker Pellinge varannan vecka Från bokbussen kan man låna böcker, tidskrifter, musik, filmer och ljudböcker för alla åldrar. Olika verk går även att reservera på förhand och hela stadsbibliotekets bestånd är till bokbussens förfogande. Bokbussen besöker Pellinge onsdagar udda … Read More

Pellinge kapellförening r.f.

S:t Olofs Chapel The graveyard of Pellinge was established in the nineteen thirties and the chapel, S:t Olofs chapel was built in the fifties. Church service the second Sunday of the month at 10:00. For other events, please see posters … Read More

Pellinki Cottages (Nybondas)

Cottages for rent in Pellinki Cottages are rented on a weekly basis in the archipelago of Pellinge. We offer you a unique opportunity to rent a cottage with a sauna on a separate island in the Gulf of Finland; Katashäll … Read More

Sundö Gård

Vegetables, sheep products and cottages Field grown vegetables in the farm shop and at Pellinge summer market. Other produce for sale: Sheep skins, wool yarn, knitted and woven products, lamb meat. Cottages for hire. Novelty: weaver’s cottage with weaving on … Read More