Archipelago bus to Pellinge Saturdays in July

Bustransport to Pellinge

Welcome onboard the coach taking you to the beautiful archipelago of Pellinge outside Porvoo. The bus to the island takes about 40 minutes and there is a ferry connection to the island. The bus is with you all the time. On the island we will first go to the summermarket on Sandholm where local entrepreneurs sell fish, vegetables and handicrafts an insider tips is to bring a cooler for the products. At the Summer Market you can also visit the popular Benita's Café and restaurant aswell as take a dipp in the sea. We stay a good one hour at Sandholm. After Sandholm we will visit the pitoresque villageshop Söderby-Boden named after the village of Söderby (South village) . Here you can just embrace the atmosphere and move to times long ago or enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. At 12.10 the bus leaves from Söderby to the ferry. We´ll be catching the 12.30 ferry and are back in Porvoo at aprox. 13.00.

The driver sells tickets from the bus. Boarding is possible also along the route both ways.

The bus has room for 8 bicycles and they can be booked in advance.

Note that everybody move on the island on their own responsibilty and the busdriver cannot wait for late passangers.

Saaristobussi Skäribussen

Porvoo - Pellinge - Porvoo

  • 6.7.2019
  • 13.7.2019
  • 20.7.2019
  • 27.7.2019


1. Porvoo, Rauhankatu 20, 9:00
2. Tarkkinen, Tarkis 9:05
3. Bjurböle (vaaka, vågen) 9:10
4. Seitlahti, Seitlax 9:12
5. Voolahti, Vålax 9:20
6. Gäddrag 9:25
7. Kardrag 9:28
8. Tirmo 9:35
9. Summer Market Place 10:00
from Market Place 11:15
10. Söderby Boden, kyläkauppa 11:30
Return Söderby 12:15
Return same route, in Porvoo approx 13:05