Skärgårdsjul - Saaristojoulu


Skärgårdsjul - Saaristojoulu - Archipelago Christmas in Pellinge is a collaboration involving a number of events, associations and entrepreneurs.
The event was created in the autumn of 2010 from the vision of offering an experience of the Christmas spirit by the sea.

The Pellinki Christmas Markets on Sunday December 22. (2018) attracts several dealers from the local archipelago area as well as long-distance visitors.
Pellinki archipelago, approx. 30 kilometers South of Porvoo is easily reached by car.

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Sundö Christmas Tree Market

Christmas trees, cuddly sheep and Santa Claus

Sundö Christmas Tree Market

A stress free Christmas atmosphere in the company of family and good friends!!

Sundövägen/Sundöntie 5, Pellinge/Pellinki
Shop your Christmas tree from the archipelago of Pellinki. Pet the cuddly sheep on the farm, shop woolen products and enjoy the Sundö Farm atmosphere.

Santa Claus and his elves keep up the Christmas spirit and heat with ring dances and Christmas carols. Mulled wine, coffe and grilled sausage completes the experience and keeps the hunger away!

Please note that only cash money is accepted as payment.
Address: Sunintie 5, Pellinki
Camilla Sundbäck phone: +358400448485
Mikael Sundbäck phone: +358408359898

Christmas market in Skärgårdshemmet

Unique Christmas Market since 1980's

Local Christmas fish, flowers and handicraft

Two Christmas Markets Saturday Dec 22. from 11 am - 3 pm
Two Christmas Markets are arranged on this day, one indoors and the other outdoors next to the sea. Both markets offer a wide range of local Christmas delicacies, gifts, decorations, crafts and souvenirs of excellent quality. Please note that cash money is the most commonly accepted payment at this event.

The Skärgårdshemmet’s Christmas Market Skärgårdshemmet,
Nyckelvikintie 5, Pellinki.

This event is indoors in an atmospheric wooden building with a café.

The Christmas market at the Pellinki Market place Pellinki Market Place,
Santasaarentie 162, Pellinki

This Christmas market with the idyllic booths is outdoors and surrounded by the sea . You may also enjoy our outdoor café with mulled wine and some snacks. Warm clothing is recommended due to the market place is on a cape and some exposure to the wind may occur…

Christmas market at the Market place

The famous Summer market place opens to Christmas

Söderby-boden in the village

More than an ordinary shop

In Söderby-Boden everybody is cordially invited to enjoy the tranquility of the Christmas spirit. Come and get acquainted with special products, mulled wine among others.
Gamla Söderbyvägen 44 07390 Storpellinge
phone +358 (0)19 540 699


Söderby-Boden a grocery in the archipelago

Christmas gifts, mulled wine and café

Martin Tillman's fish buffet

Sunivägen 307, Pellinge

Martin Tillman´s restaurant offers a buffet on this day at 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Fish Soup (20€) or Fish Buffét (40€).

Please note that only cash money is accepted as payment.

Martin Tillman's fish restaurant

Our specialities are fish soup and fish buffet

About Pellinge

Pellinki is an active archipelago and village community with a variety of services and events. Pellinki has today a firm settlement of close to 300 people, a daycare center, a shop with post office and pharmacy, a private chapel, an active volunteer fire department and much more that we can be proud of. The majority of the population speak Swedish (hence the name ”Pellinge” and ”Skärgårdsjul” in Swedish).

It is an year round operating insular community and it goes way back in history in areas such as fishing and boat building. The sea has been a major employer through out time for the population on the island, and it has also been an important source of inspiration for both writers as artists.

Driving instructions

Drive from Porvoo centre to the south with route number 1552.  Keep going 28 kilometers to Tirmo and the ferry (free of charge).

The duration of a Porvoo-Pellinki drive takes approx. 40 minutes in the winter. The ferry runs four times an hour with some exceptions and the trip across the strait takes about 5 minutes. On Pellinki all events are well signposted and near the main road. On Sat, Dec 22 there will be guides at the ferry harbor in Tirmo

Photo: © Christian Alfthan